Mathieu Dufour

Software Engineer & Tech Enthusiast


September 2018 – December 2021

Software Engineering Major

Bachelor of Science

Minor in Entrepreneurship

Desautels Faculty of Management

January – May 2020

Computer Science

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Exchange semester aborad


Spoken & Written Languages
  • French (native)
  • English (fluent)


Git Bash PowerShell Angular


MySQL Docker Flutter
Programming Languages


Java CSS/HTML JavaScript TypeScript


Python Go OCaml C


May – August 2019

Programmer Analyst Trainee

  • Software to migrate on-premises Exchange servers to Microsoft Office 365 online servers
  • Languages used: PowerShell, C#
May 2020 – Today

Full Stack Personal Project

  • Social media-based travel planner.
  • Technology used: Angular (TypeScript, HTML, CSS), Go, MySQL
  • APIs: Google Maps, Google Sign-In, Facebook Login
Link to early version (work in progress)


Winner of the McGill Physics Hackathon (People’s Choice Award)
7–8 November 2020

Hack&Roll 2020 (National University of Singapore)

18–19 January 2020
  • Job posting mobile app (Android & IOS) for university campuses.
  • Technologies: Dart (Flutter SDK) & Google Firebase

McHacks 6 (McGill University)

2–3 February 2019
  • Study manager Android app for students.
  • Technologies: Java & XML (Android Studio)
Implementation of a Convolutional Neural Network for Multi-Label Classification of Image Data
December 2020
  • Classification of images containing 1 to 5 handwritten digits
  • Top 5 out of 247 competitors (Kaggle Competition)
  • Test accuracy of 99.821% on unseen dataset of 14,000 images
  • Use of TensorFlow and PyTorch

Prediction of the number of hospitalization cases of COVID-19 based on symptom search trends

  • Comparison of the prediction accuracy of K-nearest neighbours (KNN) and decision trees
  • Visualization using Principal Component Analysis
  • k-means clustering to find relations

Implementation from scratch of multi-class logistic regression and gradient descent

  • Only using general Python utilities
    (NumPy, pandas, Matplotlib)
Implementation of a GitHub Actions Release Pipeline for an Open-Source Software
November–December 2020
  • Golang-based OSS (AutoMuteUs)
  • Automated testing in CI/CD pipeline
  • Unit Test Coverage
  • Build trigger on push
  • Code linting (GolangCI) added to workflow
Publication of a Book on how the Universe Works
January–May 2018
  • I wrote a 40 pages scientific essay that explains how the Universe works, from the Big Bang to the theories about how it will end.
  • The essay has been officially published at the library of the Cégep de Sainte-Foy.
  • Formatted with LaTeX

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